01. Slide Background
Every slide includes a background, which can be a picture or solid color.
Step 1

To change the background click on the label bar and in the layer window select the style tab.

Step 2

Choose a source from the background top tab then upload an image or pick a background color.

02. Build & Design
Build any layout with layers and customize your designs limitlessly.
Step 1

To add a layer, click the green plus button in the left sidebar and select the type of layer.

Step 2

Select any layer and you can edit its content and style properties in the layer window.



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Common Problems Associated with HP Printers

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HP Printer not Printing Anything or won’t print: Contact HP Customer Support

One of the important reasons behind your HP Printer not printing anything could be the stuck print queue. It occurs because of the failed print jobs as it stops the smooth functioning. You can follow certain important steps to fix it. Now, many times customers try their best to fix the basic problems associated with HP Printers, but the issue does not resolve properly. After trying so hard and yet not finding quick and efficient solutions, the customer might feel frustrated. In this type of typical situation, the customers must try to seek Phone Number for HP Support. Once you find the HP Printer Support Phone Number, you can directly seek for HP Support

  • At first, you are supposed to open the control panel on your computer
  • After that, you are expected to open the drivers and printers
  • Now, in the printer section, you would right-click on your HP Printer
  • Now, select What’s printing
  • Then, you would open the Printer Menu
  • After that, from the appeared list, you would select ‘open as administrator.
  • Again, you are supposed to open the Printer Menu
  • As soon as you are done with performing the above-given steps, click on ‘ cancel all documents’ 
  • After that, click on ‘confirm your action.’
  • If you have successfully canceled all other printing jobs of your printer, you are supposed to check out if your printer is running normally.

If you followed the steps mentioned above, it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to fix it. In case, you are unable to resolve the issue by following the steps as stated above, do not panic. The reliable and enthusiastic customer support of HP Printers is always available. All you need to do is seek HP Phone Number for HP Technical Support. 

Why are my HP Printer Printing blank pages? Seek HP Support for help

One of the possible reasons behind your HP Printer printing blank pages could be the low level of ink present in your cartridge. It is a common complaint of many HP Printer users. Now, imagine how pathetic it is and so make sure you already have proper and prominent solutions for it. Check out some of the important ways to fix the error manually. In case, you are unable to resolve the error manually; then you can Contact HP Support for assistance. 

  • First of all, you are supposed to check out the level of ink 
  • Now, if you observe that the level of ink is low then either you have to refill it, or you have to change it completely. 
  • It is your responsibility that you do not allow the ink dry or it might cause severe problems too
  • Keep a keen observation on the ink-cartridges 
  • If the ink cartridge is not working efficiently, then definitely you have to change it
  • Now, supposedly if there are any issues related to cartridges, you would definitely receive notifications
  • Make sure you do not forget to align the printer

If you have followed the steps and yet you are unable to resolve the problem, then simply you should seek assistance by dialing the HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number. Once you get in touch with the hp printer customer support, the eminent and renowned experts would help you to troubleshoot all your problems associated with HP Printers.

Seek HP Printer Technical Support Number for assistance

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